Saturday, July 14, 2007

Voices of the Past. Part Two

What an interesting week it's been. I was in Caledon visiting Sir Edward Pearse as he was preparing for some military games, when all of Caledon came under attack from mechanical beasts. Turns out, they were from Mars and they had their sights set on conquering the Grid. Stupid me, being there unarmed, was helpless, even in wolf form, to assist in the fighting. I did prepare the Interceptor to take any seriously wounded out of harms way, but the airship was fired upon by the invaders, and suffered serious damage (fortunately, after alot of hard work and countless lindens spent on supplies, she's good as new and flying again).

While in Caledon Tam, I walked from behind a tree and turned to find myself facing one of the aliens. The barrel of it's weapon was aimed straight at me. Amazingly, like something out of a dime novel, Hotspur O'Toole rounded a corner and, seeing the predicament I was in, got the aliens attention, allowing me to make a quick getaway. Eventually, Caledon was victorious, and the invaders were vanquished.

The following night, at the Steelhead Saloon, I sat at one of the tables with TotalLunar Eclipse, Hotspur, and Lady Christine McAllister-Pearse. Angelica had set Lunar a telegram, worried about me because of news from our home country in regards of Jobias Barthelmess escaping. So, I told them the tale, which I now put down into this blog:

It was twenty years ago, after our wolf tribe had accepted me as a warrior, that Jobias Barthelmess overthrew the King Vladimire, monarch of the country. Jobias was an evil, twisted man, whose only thought was that of dominating all. He especially hated all werebeasts, and ordered his army of henchmen to hunt all of us. The wolves and the cats had set aside their differences in order to stop the slaughter, with other werebeasts joining us.

We managed to get inside the courtyard of the palace. The human and furry citizens who valued freedom joined us. Silver bullets were fired on all of us. A few of my fellow Lycan were felled by silver tipped arrows. A wereboar ran ahead of me, knocking several of the henchmen aside. As he was stabbed by several silver daggers, I lept over the fray and climbed up the palace walls.

Jobias was alone. I suppose arrogance clouds ones judgement, and Jobias was an extremely arrogant soul. We never spoke to each other. Simply stared. He then pulled out a pistol, I quickly jumped to one side of the throne room and removed a shield that was hanging there. Using it as a discus, I flung it towards Jobias. It hit him in the hand holding the gun. He screamed in pain and dropped to his knees. I leaped over and grabbed him by the neck.

Down below, the army of henchmen looked up to see their fearless leader screaming, as a werewolf held him over a balcony. The battle was over.

Later, I had reverted to human form and watched as the king's guards were escorting Jobias away. He gave me a look that sent chills down my spine. The King decreed that Jobias was to spend the rest of his life on Devil's Crag, a rock of an island that housed the prison. The currents of the ocean were extremely strong, and no creature could swim it. The reef was also very sharp and dangerous that the only way on the island was by airship. In a nutshell, escaping was somewhat impossible.......or so it was thought.

Now, we've recieved word that Jobias did, indeed, escape. He and several prisoners were able to hijack the supply airship, taking a few hostages with them. The hostages were found a few days later. Amazingly, they were unharmed. The authorities were able to track down the other prisoners, who were hiding in various places across the country, but Jobias wasn't found. My father feared that Jobias is searching for me, to exact his revenge.

Despite that, I shouldn't worry. After all, I was hired to be sheriff of Steelhead City for a very good reason, more than just looking damn good in a cowboy suit. But, a part of me is being very wary. I'm seeing things out of the corner of my eye, quickly turning when I hear a noise behind me. Jobias is a devious conniving individual. If he is truly coming to exact his revenge on me, I have to stay focused. There's no telling what he may do, or where he may strike.

Last Known Photo of Jobias Barthelmess


HeadBurro Antfarm said...

Good Lord! I have only just come across your aetheric journal as I scour the grid for more news regarding my new home. I am horrified to hear that such a twisted soul as Jobias Barthelmess has escaped! Stay alert, sir, for who knows what plans he harbours in his black heart!

Yours in Travel,
HeadBurro Antfarm, esq.

Amber_Palowakski said...

If you need any arcane assistance, Sheriff Ortega, feel free to call upon me.