Wednesday, October 8, 2008

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor.....

Do you love visiting Steelhead City? Are the town meetings part of your weekly ritual? Is a community protected by a girl genius from the far future, a werewolf sheriff, and deputized nuns your cup of tea? Have you thought about joining in the continuing growth of the community? Well, consider renting in Steelhead Port Harbor.

Yes friends, Port Harbor, Steelhead's newest addition is now prebooking. Industrial Steampunk in theme, Port Harbor will have docks, a port for airships, and a few other things to make your life in Steelhead that much more fun. And that's not all, for you'll have colorful neighbors as well, neighbors like Steeltopia Emperor SteelCobra Calamari, and Dr. Malegatto Alter. Reason enough to rent.

IM TotalLunar Eclipse for rental information. Commercial and Residential lots available. But hurry, these lots may be rented fast.

Brought to you by the Steelhead City Council and the Steelhead City Appreciation Society. Offer void in Bumfukt, Alabama. If not fully satisfied with this ad, please return unused portion for full refund. The Ortega Chronicles and Steelhead Adventures receive no payment whatsoever for these advertisements, but it gets Lunar off our backs when we do pimp Steelhead. Do not sit up close to the monitor where others can't see, it's rude. Do not squint your eyes when looking at the monitor, it's bad for your eyes. If you don't sit up close to the monitor and squint your eyes, you can't read this small print.

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Christine McAllister Pearse said...

Tooooooo funny!!!!! And Hooooo for Steelhead!!! :-D