Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Steelhead Adventures.....How This All Started.....(From The Typist)

Caledon's Relay For Life of '07 started it all. There had been some roleplaying involved during the fundraising, and some of the fine citizens took up the task of roleplaying......well, maybe not villains, but in some cases Ne'er Do Well's and in others, picking a fight with another resident(s). So, I thought, "Why should these people be the bad guys, after already establishing themselves as upstanding citizens? Why not have someone as the villain, and only the villain?" And then, Jobias came on to the scene (shortly after, Doctor Obolensky appeared, and eventually Malegatto Alter.....if rumors of her being evil are true).

At first, he was to be a werewolf hunter. Trying to find the right look was tough. After finding a skin of Anthony Ainley as The Master (from the Doctor Who run during the 80's), and a few outfits from Sir Edward's store, not to mention deciding on Ortega's origins and home, it all changed to Jobias Barthelmess being a specist, if it's not human, it has no rights.

From the time he was first introduced, it was the intention on making him someone everyone would love to hate. During a confrontation with Hotspur at a Caledon event, Jobias had said something about Sheriff Ortega being paranoid and that Steelhead should reconsider their decision on having hired him. If a lynch mob was possible in Second Life, it would've happened that night.

Unfortunately, Real Life intervened and the Jobias storyline fell by the wayside. By the time he returned to the Grid, not many people remembered the man. What better way to drive a man insane than to have him be forgotten.

So, the idea for Gaslamp Adventures (something that's still in the works) gave way to Steelhead Adventures, and this blog (and if photos were possible, I would've taken them and posted). In most cases, each chapter was written in less than thirty minutes, and the majority of the plot was done as the chapters were written.

Of the original idea that was supposed to have happened in world, last year:

Sheriff Ortega being shot and taken someplace safe. The original idea was to have Fuzz escape via his airship, crash in Caledon, and a few Caledonians hide him there.

Jobias searching for Fuzz, wandering all over the known lands.

The showdown, which originally was supposed to be Hotspur challenging Jobias (Hotspur and I had discussed this at length last year). The TARDIS appearing at the last minute was also to happen (only I was going to ask Oolon, since I hadn't established Purdie as either my cousin, or a Time Lord at the time).

The whole thing went into the blog (although for a while, there was silver bullets on my front porch in world, the scarecrow did go missing, and there was a mention of the crime during Steelhead town meetings, just to tie into the story). The hardest thing for me to write was in the Blog of Uggla, where Purdie was having visions of a dark future.....not like that was going to happen, mind you.

The biggest change, was the epilogue. Originally, it was to take place in Steelhead City in the year 2008, the old Steelhead is now a theme park/memorial. Lunar and Tensai are still around (Elves are immortal, and Tensai's story.....well, she'll need to tell that for herself), and speaking with Fuzzball's great granddaughter. Seems everyone's favorite werewolf lived well into the 1950's, and is fondly remembered to this day. It ended with Purdie taking Fuzz (thanks in part to the Mason family's time traveling screwing the space-time continuum, Fuzz was able to know his own future) to the museum, and showing him a portrait of the "Steelhead Four" (Katt, Lunar, Tensai, and Fuzz) and of the bright future the four of them would bring. The story ended with Purdie taking to the Steelhead Saloon (now a themed restaurant in 2008) to treat him to a Fuzz Burger.

Somehow, I came up with the idea of instead having it end with a cliffhanger ending, setting up for a new Steelhead Adventure, and doing a sort of follow up to Hotspur's unfinished Journey To Fusang storyline. And that's where we are now.....after my computer is out of the shop and a few emails with Hotspur, Steelhead Adventures continues (this time, with photos, and better plotted, instead of more or less at the last minute).

And as for Jobias.......he'll be back. Still mentally unstable or not, that remains to be seen.

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Edward Pearse, Duke of Argylle said...

I figured since there was no body of Jobias, he'd be back. If you don't see the villain impaled and chopped into fishbait they always come back. Sometimes even after they've been chopped into fishbait.

I should really get off my arse and put something up myself. A project for the summer holidays over Christmas I think.