Wednesday, October 29, 2008

For Those Who Am Confused.....

Links to the current story can be found on the side, "Steelhead Adventures: Journey To Fusang", some of the events began in "Steelhead Adventures: Silver Poison", also to the side. Hotspur has given a "For Those Who Came In Late" post for anyone not up to speed you can find it here .

To add to Hotspur's post....and to give a bit of correction:

Purdie Uggla (Hotspur misspelled it, but we get the play on words, don't we?) is, in fact, a Time Lord. He and his cousin Rasslonis were involved in the Last Great Time War (see the current season of Doctor Who for details), and were trapped in the Medusa Cascade as it was sealed behind them. Both wound up in the parallel world where our story takes place, Rasslonis in 1390 AD in Moldovia, Purdie in the late 1880's in Caledon. Rasslonis used the powers of the TARDIS to rewrite his DNA, so that he would be human (reasons unknown, but possible to hide from enemies also trapped in this world). Rasslonis married, had children, and died an old man. Fuzzball Ortega is descended from Rasslonis on his mother's side. Despite the DNA being rewritten, some Time Lord DNA managed to be handed down from generation to generation, giving the descendants the ability to heal quickly, in most cases.

Angelica Trescothick (stage name). Sister to Fuzzball Ortega. Recently revealed to be an agent of Pinkerton Intelligence, a secret branch of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Unknown how much further the involvement would be at this point. Born without the Lycan gene.

Other characters who have appeared will be discussed later, at the end of the tale. Most dealing with the Wold Newton Universe concept.

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Hotspur O'Toole said...

Apologies to your cousin. I have not interacted with him very much and didn't have his story in my head.

I have edited the post to amend it with these details.

Never blog tired.