Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Bit Of An Explanation

Not about the plain look of the blog (I'm debating on a new look, wanting a change, hadn't decided on the final look, yet)

This is in regards to Relay For Life and the "Designer Sims".

During the big weekend in July, everyone involved in relay run a track, taking up around 34 sims or so, which includes campsites for the teams, that they build whatever. It could be something in regards to the American Cancer Society (or it's affiliates around the world), it could be in lines with the theme of the year (last year's theme was "one World One Hope", this year's theme is "Wishing On A Cure"), or it could be anything you want, long as it's PG.

A Designer Sim, was an entire sim that an individual, group of individuals, or teams can build on, keeping with the theme of the relay or of the American Cancer Society's fight against cancer, etc. Great examples include Vicerine Kamillah's "Metropolis" build, Babbages "Mars Colony", and the Anatomica build (which by the way, you can still visit. It's on a sky platform above the American Cancer Society Island).

There have been some changes made this year. The Designer Sim is now a Designer Area (I think that's what they're calling it.....well, I'm calling it that), taking up half a sim, instead of an entire sim. According to Serra Anansi (co-chair of the Sim/Track Design team with Charlene Trudeau as chairperson), the plan is for the Designer Area to be on one half of a sim, and campsites to be on the other, with a track running down the middle. Bit of a bummer, but the hope is that it would cut down on lag.

Despite the bummin' part, Lunar and Tensai applied for a Designer Area. As part of the application, they included several landmarks of their builds, all around Steelhead. They also included a landmark to the Alice In Wonderland platform that we've had dances at. That particular build was what floored the design committee. Instead of half a sim, basically Lunar and Tensai are getting a whole.

Now, here's where the explanation needs to be pointed out

1) Despite Lunar and Tensai being on the Steelhead Salmons RFL Team, the Design Area is their project. They are the ones who are going to be working on it. Everyone in Steelhead is excited about it, but it's their names that'll be on the area.

2) Another way of looking at it is that Lunar will be getting half a sim for a designer area, and Tensai will be getting a designer area, and the two will be connected.

3) Both halves may not be on the same sim. One half may be on Sim A, the other half will be on Sim B, and they'll overlap one another.

4) I think Lunar and Tensai know that they probably won't get this lucky next year, and will probably have to settle for half a sim.......Although, the Entertainment Sims are full sims, away from the track.......just pointing that out.

Now that leaves the Salmons to find builders for our campsites. Lumina's already volunteered, need to find a few more so that she's not working alone.

At any rate, that's exciting news for Lunar and Tensai. Can't wait until July 17th to see what they've got planned.

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