Monday, April 12, 2010

Seraph City. Welcome To Dieselpunk (speaking OOC)

Dieselpunk is roughly set between the 1920's and 1950's, although I'd say 1945, which was the dawn of the Atomic Age, but I think that's up to the individual. It's the world you find in pulp novels. Characters like The Shadow, The Avenger, Doc Savage, to name but a few. Also, the film "Sky Captain And The World Of Tomorrow" is another good example. It's a good follow up to Steampunk.

Coming soon, I think the land's already down, now it's just a matter of time for the build to be put in place, is Seraph City. A sim set in the world of Dieselpunk. I just recently joined their Ning,, and quite a few residents we've seen around Caledon, Babbage, Steelhead, and other places are involved in Seraph City.

I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone about the new place in detail, I'm in the Relay For Life frame of mind at present, but I'm hoping that they're allowing Caledon, Steelhead, New Babbage, and other related Steamlands to be part of the history. Residents reading Western pulp novels like "Sheriff Ortega In Griefer Flats" or "Sheriff Ortega And The Vampire Lord" (although, in all fairness, that particular adventure involved my sister, not me......I need to talk with these publishers). Talk of some of the history that's happened in these different places (See,what happened yesterday in Caledon, happened about 80 years ago in Seraph City)

Mind you, I'm still very partial to the Steamlands, and would never leave for anything in the world. But, I wouldn't mind visiting Seraph City every now and then. Hopefully, the folks at Seraph City will accept this......because if I rarely listen to Lunar and Tensai, what makes anyone think I'll listen to others? (insert canned laughter here)

So, yes, it is true, Fuzzball Ortega lives well into the 20th Century. I'm searching for gray hair to wear when I'm in Seraph City (yes, I need to have a different look, it's only fitting and respectful). I may have a few clothes in my inventory that I can wear and not appear out of place.

The days as a lawman are behind him. He still lives in Steelhead City, but does travel a bit. Has done work in politics, served as an advisor to several political figures, and currently, is known as The Ambassador.

Like I said, I'll be sticking to the Steamlands for the majority of the time, it's home, you never leave home, but there will be occasional visits. Interesting to see where their imagination will take them.

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