Monday, January 3, 2011

Evolution Of A Story Idea. Part One

It's epic. That's all I will say about the plot.

But, it was time. To sit down and try to get some serious writing done. For the longest time, I had the idea in my head, with additional notes jotted here, there, and yonder. The heroes, the villain, the airship. However, there was always the legal matters at hand.

The issue was, while I wanted to write a story inspired by the Steamlands of Second Life, couldn't actually use the places in Second Life as a setting, nor the characters. Legally, if I was to make money off of this story, I'd have to pay individuals for the use of their avatar names and characters, or the owners of the sims, if the story takes place in those places. I'm thinking I could get away with, as an example, mentioning Caledon in passing, but, in the end, it's best just to go original.

Only characters I had legal rights to are Fuzzball Ortega (The Fuzzball name is a nickname a character gives him in the story, due to her seeing him as a Lycan), Jobias Barthelmess, Purdie Uggla (except for all the Time Lord background), Old boB Ballyhoo, and K1 Footman. Only one other besides Fuzz is in the story, sure you can guess who.

Now, people will IM me and say, "Hey, it's cool, you can put me in it". But, to be honest, I felt it best to take an original route. Even if the way I describe the idea doesn't sound original.

"It's Jules Verne, meets 'The Magnificent Seven', with a little bit of 'Harry Potter' thrown in"

I also call it "An American Gaslamp Fantasy", but I'm not sure if I could use Gaslamp Fantasy without the Foglio's permission.

I do know that Steelhead Adventures hasn't been updated in awhile, an update will be coming, and I will keep it updated more regularly. This is my Real Life project, dedicated to the residents of the Steamlands of Second Life.

Next, the basic description of the characters, and you may find a bit of yourself in them.


Fogwoman Gray said...

I am most anxious to read this :)

Edward Pearse said...

For what it's worth, Raymond E. Feist's novels are based off a tabletop RPG he was involved with.