Monday, January 17, 2011

Now We Shall See If A New Day Emerges For SL

Least I suppose we will.....

Tomorrow, January 18th (changed due to remembering that today is a holiday), is Rod Humble's first day as Linden Lab's new CEO, according to a few blog posts I've read.

Unlike the previous guy, Humble does have experience in the gaming field. So, maybe....maybe.....just maybe, we'll see some great things happening.

In other news, recently purchased a new laptop. Alienware. In world, at the ultra settings. Experienced no lag, no crashing, was in a room filled with people and experienced no problems. And this was with Alienware's least expensive (800 bucks) model....imagine if I was able to get the Alienware that costs around two grand

Finally, Relay For Life of Second Life begins their in world fundraising March 12. I've got a good feeling about Steelhead's contribution this year.

This might be a really good year

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