Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dear Angelica.....

Dear Sis,

How're things going with you? Things in Steelhead City have been fluctuating at best. I don't see why you prefer living in the big city, when Steelhead is THE perfect place to be.

You remember meeting Darien Mason? I told you how he was possessed by a demon and all. You said that nothing good will come out of it. Well, you were right, but before the demon could do anything evil, the man within took over and manage to drive away the demon. So, demon gone, Doctor back. He's currently in Caledon recovering from his ordeal, but he will be back in Steelhead, resuming his medical practice.

I spoke with Miss Katt, the other night. It's a rarity, mind you. She usually stays in her house on Lighthouse Island. She's very shy and quiet, but she's been getting out more often and talking with everyone. She thanked me for all that I've done in Steelhead City. Matter of fact, she thanked me several times for all I've done, but you know me, if I'm expected to do something for someone, I try to give a hundred and ten percent. I did tell her about you, and how you're as musically gifted as I was (Ok, I said that you were more gifted than me). Perhaps, when your schedule permits, you can come to town and give a performance one night. I know that the citizens will enjoy it immensely.

The Griefer Gang has been showing up in Steelhead more and more. I swear, the more the town changes for the better, the bigger of a target we become. But, hey, your brother managed to take care of them. Couple of times, when I was out of town on business for Katt, TotalLunar and Tensai had dealt with them. This town's in good hands.

I know that you were shocked over our SWAT Team that we have.....I mean, Nuns With Guns, it's a scary thought (but, hey, I'm Methodist, so what the heck), well I just recently deputized someone to protect the harbor. Sushi the Whale. You shouldn't be shocked, I mean, we come from a family of werewolves, werecats, wereboars, wererats.......a whale being deputized should be no surprise.

I have to cut this letter short, Gerami Fizz, the gunsmith, has returned to Steelhead and opened up a shop, I need to make sure some of the citizens don't hurt themselves with guns they buy.

Give Patrick my best. Love always,

PS. Did you get a letter from Papa? Grandma's still farting.......I'm so glad we're not still living in the old country.

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emillyorr said...

Well, I wouldn't say, no evil...but at least it was fairly localized...