Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Town Meeting, Turkey Woes, War, and Dark Visions Of The Future

Well, here's how it goes down......

We had our weekly town meeting tonight in Steelhead. Part of my duties as Sheriff of Steelhead City is to lead the meeting. Currently, part of the city is going through some major renovations. What was nice was my new office and jail. Unfortunately, Mr. Eclipse, one of the people who manage the city for the land's owner, Kattrynn Severine, forgot to give me the key to the cell.

After the meeting, I went on my night patrol through Steelhead City. Meant to ask Darien about his recent kidnapping. He had left the realm before I could ask him, he's a demon, he does these things. However, if I had known, I would have mounted a rescue attempt.
All was peaceful in Steelhead tonight
There has been a recent crisis regarding Steelhead's turkeys. Seems someone has been....how shall I put this....well, molesting the fowl. However, I have a very strong lead on who the culprit is, I will soon be traveling to the mainland to follow that lead, and hopefully, apprehend the sick individual.
News of war between the country of Neualtenburg and the Independent State of Caledon has reached Steelhead City. We have been friends with Caledon for some time, and we pray for this war to be over quickly, with very little casualties. Sir Edward Pearse, owner of the Pearsed and Cuts shops, has designed Caledon's uniforms. They look very nice, Edward is a remarkable tailor, although I'm partial to the clothing from Silver Rose Designs, myself.
I have also heard stories of an evil version of Darien's steampowered android daughter, Qlippothic Project. Supposedly, she's a version of Qli from the future, who goes by the name of Qlippothic Steel. This sort of makes me nervous, and I figured with all the time travelling some of the people in Steelhead and Caledon were doing, something like this would happen.
Can we stop a dark future from happening? Or is it pretty much set in stone? More to the point, can Qlippothic Steel succeed in altering history to speed up her dark future?
Always more questions than answers.......

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