Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wolves And Angels.....

I suppose that the word is already out. Yes, I am a werewolf. Not bitten, but hereditary. Lycanthropcy runs in the Ortega family. Not just werewolves, the LycanGene seems to have a mind of it's own and different were-animals are born in the family. Great Aunt Doris was a werecat, panther to be precise. Uncle Albert was a wereboar (quite fitting, to tell you the truth). Cousin Templeton is a wererat (if the shoe fits....). Uncle Gene became Aunt Jean, but that has nothing to do with the LycanGene and we don't talk about it that much.

Not every member of the family is born with the gene. My sister, Angelica, as far as I know, has shown no signs of being born with lycanthropcy. Probably taking after Mama's side of the family, a noble group of people. I often joked that I was named Fuzzball because I was a werewolf, Angelica was given an angelic name because the neighbors had already named their daughter Demonica......Sis always hit me after I said that.

Ah, Angelica, I did finally find her, but first, a flashback: Growing up, despite my werewolf advantage, Angelica was always beating me up. I would tell my parents and they would say the same thing every time, "Fuzz, leave your sister alone". I didn't deserve the beating.......some of the time. Ok, I did use her dolls for target practice.....and there was the time that I shaved her cat......I did put pink dye in her shampoo, but she DID look good with pink hair. But, despite all that, she was my sister, and she was someone I cared for very much.

She had left home to see the world. She had written to Mama and Papa on a regular basis. One day, the letters stopped coming. I took it upon myself to find her and to make sure she was ok. You know some of what had happened in my quest, army, fifth queen, Steelhead City, Sheriff.

The full story will be told in the "Weird Wild West Tales", but I was finally reunited with my dear sister, now going by the name Angelica Trescothick and married to one Patrick Aderdeen. Finding her involved an adventure of griefers, gunfights, federal marshalls, tightrope walking, rock climbing, and Angelica beating someone other than me up. Just know that we've been reunited, our parents are happy, and the cat's fur did grow back........and it was Angelica, when we were kids, who put the snake in the nanny's purse. Boy, did that old lady scream.

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